Bronze and brass name plate engraving

We were contacted by G.L Watson yacht designers to assist in producing a bronze engraved plaque as they were having difficulties in getting the deep engravings produced to a good standard.
We were then commissioned to machine and engrave a name plate in bronze for a newly design tender for the Malahne super yacht that was being rebuilt at Pendennis ship yard.
The client was really happy with the results and we were then commissioned by Pendennis shipyard to machine engrave the top step plates for the Bridge Ladders.

Malahne tender engraved bronze name plate
Malahne Tender step plate
Malahne deck top stair tread
Malahne tender engraved bronze name plate close up
A close up of the bronze engraving work we carried out

The Bronze engraved plaque was a tread step for boarding the classic motor launch built for the Malahne classic Super yacht.
With the brief we were given the basic cad file and we then edited and modified it to suit the job and design, then we programmed our cnc milling machine to machine the deep engraving and finished with vapor blasting.
The engraved plaque measured 432mm x 109mm

Close up of bronze engraving
Close up view of the bronze engraving detail showing the crips clean lines engraved

Bronze plate can be difficult to machine nicely as it can be quite soft in plate form making the swarf stringy and creating lots of burrs on the cut edges but we were able to use our skills to over come this.
A close up is shown here with a penny on top for a sense of scale you can see the deep engraving and the quality of the finished part, this is after it had been cleaned and vapor blasted.

A pair of brass stair treads engraved for Malahne's top ladder steps leading to the bridge

With the quality of the first bronze engraved plate for the motor launch pleasing the client. They then commissioned Safire to produce two machine engraved brass stair treads for the main stairs leading to the bridge on the MALAHNE, these were inset into the top steps on the stairs.

close up view of brass engraving showing the clean lines of the plaque

The brass stair tread measured 764mm x 107mm x 6mm thick and had a similar design deeply engraved into it.

Close up of brass engraving
showing the detailed quality of our brass engraving in this close up view

You can see the quality and detail in this close up of one of the brass stair treads.

Malahne rebuilt at Pendennis shipyard
The MALAHNE a classic luxury Superyacht

Originally designed and built by Camper & Nicholson in 1937 the Malahne a 165ft classic motor yacht was completely Restored to exacting standards over a 30 month period.
Here is a picture of the Malahne after the full restoration refit done by Pendennis shipyard

Malahne Tender built by cockwells boat building
A new custom tender motor launch for the MALAHNE classic yacht

The Bronze engraved plaque was a tread plate for boarding the classic  motor launch designed by G.L Watson yacht designers and built for the Malahne by  Cockwells Modern & Classic Boat Building.
At 7.6mtrs in length pictured here on the water with a top speed of 35 knots.

bronze name plate on Malahne Tender built by cockwells boat building
The bronze tread plate on the motor launch
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