Carbon fiber 3d printed skull

carbon fiber 3d printed skull

This full size carbon fiber 3d printed skull was created for “bertie the bug muncher” who is a Venus fly trap whom needed a new home.
In terms of flower / plant real estate this is the sort of home that would be in London’s Mayfair or similar as the carbon fiber and nylon material used in the print is an expensive industrial material,  but hey it looks pretty cool!

carbon fiber skull plant pot

Meet  “bertie the bug muncher” the Venus fly trap in his new home.

carbon fiber skull
bertie the bug muncher gets a new home in his 3d printed carbon fiber and nylon skull plant pot
black carbon 3d skull
Alas poor yorick macbeth hamlet 3d printed skull

“Alas poor yorick” I had a Macbeth Hamlet moment…

Above is a selection of pictures during 3D printing