Happy Halloween Witch Prop for product display

Happy Halloween!

This Happy Halloween Witch Prop was designed and produced by Safire for a product display and a bit of fun!
We temporarily lit it up for the photo and video for effect.
It stands at just over 1500mm high.

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We can design and waterjet cut very intricate designs in plywood as well as many other materials. This witch was waterjet cut from 18mm thick ply wood. This was left as a plywood natural finish but could be painted or have feature effects added.

halloween witch prop in 18mm plywood
just assembled off the cutting machine
happy halloween prop in 18mm plywood
setting up for the backlight and video

How well does waterjet cut plywood?

look here for more

Waterjet cut plywood

Plywood waterjet cuts very well with clean edges, however it does depend on the quality of the ply wood. Also it needs some care as de-lamination can be an issue especially on cheaper plywood. We use ply wood for many designs as well as jigs, fixtures, special packing crates etc...
Click Here for a close up
metal halloween pumpkin tea light
metal pumpkin tea light
Happy Halloween witch silhouette
made from steel and powder coated

Supported on the small shelf is a metal pumpkin tea light, manufactured by us from steel sheet. They were waterjet cut, folded and then powder coated.

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