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Fire pitt and BBQ fork / prong 1 fork per pack

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In stock
Product Details
Brand: safire associates

A hand made fire pitt / BBQ toasting fork. These are manufactured from food grade stainless steel 3mm diameter round bar.
Measuring approximately 700mm long from the tip of the fork to the end of the handle. They have enough length to enable you to toast your marshmallow’s or cook your sausages without getting burnt from the heat source.
The handle is approximately 100mm long and formed in the 3mm rod to a rough diameter of 30mm, giving a nice simple shape to grip and turn as you cook your food,
The fork end has two 100mm long sharpened prongs set approximately 50mm apart, this allows 4 normal marshmallows to be toasted at once and you could get six on if required (perfect for making smores!) and with the twin prong design you can cook one or two sausages pretty evenly.

these can be used for:

  • A great fun way to end the evening with a desert when barbecuing
  • Cuddling up by the fire pitt with your loved one cooking smores
  • Interactively cooking sausages and other small tasty delights
  • Or why not make some mini shish kebab’s with some tasty vegetables and some chicken

Depending on stock levels hese could take up to 14 days to be sent from point of order

here’s a demo of the toasting fork in action using a Arcotherm GE65 industrial heater which might be a slight overkill but it cooks them quick and nice 😉

these stainless steel toasting forks / prongs are hand made in our workshops here in Southampton, England.

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