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Anchor door knocker and post flap

SKU 00019
In stock
Product Details
Brand: safire associates

The Anchor door knocker and post flap is custom hand made to order from steel and painted black. A fun, quirky and stylish entrance to your property.
The weighty anchor swings and raps on a brass strike plate, whilst the post flap is lifted from the knob with “post” engraved on it.
Using a mixture of machining, fabrication and forging techniques all the parts are individually made and assembled into this unique and stunning door knocker / post flap.

These are high quality and made to order please allow up to 8 to 12 weeks from point of order to collection / shipping.
Please note, these are hand made here in Southampton and may differ slightly from the picture and we reserve the right to alter the design as we seem fit to improve the product.

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